Wednesday, April 28, 2010

be honest.

Ive done some outta pocket ass shit in my life; outta pocket videos, cheated, sent bitches to emergency, fucked the wrong niggas, talked about a nigga mama, put ma hands on a nigga, called niggas bitches, lied, stole, went to jail,(trust, ive tried everything @ least once) hella shit....


regardless of all that ive been real about it. honest about it.

Ive been broke before, broke to the point that i couldnt afford a mcChicken w/ cheese. Broke to the point that my lights and water were cut off and i had to light candles and use bottled water for everything (including baths)...for 3 days before i had to find a way to get it cut back on. I have been broke to the point where i drove on E for 2 days until i had to find a way to get gas. LMAO

I am the type of person that doesnt like to rely on ANYONE for help. The last thing i wanna do is ask a muhfucka for help, then next thing u know they askin me for somethin in return. I hate feeling like i owe somebody something thats why i lead this IDGAF life. because i truly dont give a fuck.

You have to go thru shit to get of my past are very shady.. not so much shady towards a person, but shady towards myself, in ways that may be demeaning towards me...or disrespectful towards my character. but guess the fuck what. I AM WHO THE FUCK I AM...TAKE IT OR LEAVE. HATE IT OR LOVE IT...IT DOESNT MATTER EITHER WAY TO ME.
most people cant be real about their shit. maybe, a muhfucka should take a book out ma page...and start. ya digggg!

Toodles "-)